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Idealcombi Futura+ handles

Idealcombi Futura+ designer handle
Idealcombi Futura+ locking cylinder
Low threshold sliding door mullion lock
External finger pull (optional extra)

Idealcombi Futura+ trickle vents

Idealcombi Futura+ trickle vent, grey, horisontal
Idealcombi Futura+ trickle vent, grey, vertical
Idealcombi Futura+ trickle vent white
Idealcombi Futura+ external canopy

Idealcombi Futura+ ironmongery

Idealcombi Furtura+ friciton brake
Idealcombi Futura+ mushroom bolt
Idealcombi Furtura+ TurnPlus night latch
Idealcombi Futura+ keep
Idealcombi Furtura+ opening restrictor


Mushroom bolts and keeps are standard on all windows and doors.

TurnPlus and handle operated brakes are standard where possible.



Idealcombi Futura+ motorised opening

Electric motors for automatic window opening from WindowMaster are available upon request.

The WindowMaster motors can be connected to control panels for automatic ventilation etc.

Ask for more details

Idealcombi Futura+ automatic window opener

Futura+ handle operations

When the handle is opened to 90° the window can be opened fully.

When the handle is opened past 90° the TurnPlus function is activated allowing for ventilation .

Handle operated brake

The handle operated brake can be activated in any position to hold the window or patio door open. (Do not leave the door open unsupervised or in windy conditions )

Idealcombi Futura+ opening restrictor

The opening restrictor is an optionally extra, that limits the opening of Futura+ windows.

Locking cylinder

The Futura+ locking cylinder for Futura+ windows and patio doors are an optional extra.