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During the last year Idealcombi’s domestic department has undertaken a number of changes to accommodate the increasing demand for the higher level of service our customers expect when they purchase high quality windows and doors. We noticed that many self-builders found the whole window buying process extremely stressful and at times the worst part of building their own house.

To minimise the stress custom and self-builders experience when purchasing windows and doors Idealcombi has chosen to include these services in all our future quotes:

  • Site visits to talk to customers and to get familiar with each project.
  • Free choice of RAL, Granite or Aluminium finish included in the quoted price.
  • Installer training at Idealcombi’s office in Milton Keynes. To make sure your builder knows how to get the best result.
  • 12-month service plan – including first annual service of Idealcombi windows and doors.

On top of the above services included in each Idealcombi quote we also now offer site survey for an additional fee. A site survey is the best way to make sure all measurements are correct.

At Idealcombi we have a history of evolving the modern window – now it’s time to evolve Britain’s building industry – we believe better windows should come with a better service!

As of 2018 our new pricing policy is in place to give you a premium service when you buy Idealcombi windows and doors. We have added an option of 10% discount if you, for some reason, would choose not to have the premium experience. You will find more information about this on our website.

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier in the domestic building industry in the UK!

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