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Part L: Interim regulation for June 2022

The Government is making adjustments to Part L of the Building Regulations which come into action from June 15th, 2022. The modifications will lower the amount of carbon emissions produced by means of buildings and feature big implications for the design and creation of buildings – including window and façade systems.

What the industry needs to know:


What do the changes mean?

By 2025 the Future Homes Standard will demand new homes produce a minimum 75% much fewer carbon emissions when in comparison to current ranges. To ease the manner the Government has brought new Part L policies as an interim regulation, wherein all new homes will want to generate 31% fewer CO2 emissions than the modern-day rules permit. This interim degree comes into force on 15th June 2022.

Be reassured with Idealcombi

The new dwellings from June 2022 states, Windows & Doors U-values must be below 1.6 W/m²K however, the expectation is that the U-value will have to be much lower at: 1.2 W/m²K to enable the new dwelling to achieve it's targets for primary energy, carbon dioxide emissions and fabric energy efficiency rates. With most suppliers, you would be forced to switch to triple-glazing but with our innovative core at Idealcombi we are able to achieve the new dwellings with our double-glazing.

How are we able to reach the new guidelines?

Idealcombi has created a ground-breaking frame design. A sustainable design, that not only makes the window imperishable in the “wet zone”, but also eliminates known problems with thermal bridges from the external aluminium and internal timber. By using thermal polyurethane (PUR) – Our Idealcore we are able to achieve a game changing U-value even with our double-glazing windows/doors.

Be ahead of the game with Idealcombi: The Future Homes Standard (2025)

The Future Homes and Buildings Standard is a set of standards that will complement the Building Regulations to ensure new homes built from 2025 will produce 75-80% fewer carbon emissions than homes delivered under current regulations; it will be introduced by 2025. With Idealcombi's triple-glazing windows/doors you are able to reduce the carbon emitted by 75-80% with immediate effect - with an average U-value of 0.73 W/m²K on windows/doors.

The proposed new levels published in the government's response to the Future Homes Standard consultation are:

Thermal Element Minimum Standard U-Value – W/m2K
External Wall  0.15
Roof 0.11
Floor 0.11
Windows 0.8
Doors 1.0
Air Permability 5.0 m3 /(h.m2 )

For specific details on changes to U-values please refer to:

Approved Document L, volume 1: dwellings (Table 4.1 page 24, and Table 4.2. page 25)

Approved Document L, volume 2: buildings other than dwellings (Table 4.1 page 25)