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Idealcombi’s Futura+ window system has been successfully used by self-builder Stuart Duncan in his prefabricated modular home.

The property was built in a 7500 sq ft factory in Worthing before being transported 600 miles to its Aberdeen site.

Stuart is no stranger to constructing modular buildings, having built a modular low energy office building to passivhaus standards. The next step was always going to be building his own home ‘it was the logical next step to build a prefabricated home using similar principles’ explains Stuart.

Stuart also says why he chose to use Idealcombi’s Futura+ window system ‘Idealcombi’s Futura+ system is one of the few windows with a 53 mm slim aluminium profile, other windows tend to be much chunkier. I also liked the internal timber finish which is very Scandinavian. Finally, they offer excellent value for money’.

The main reason behind the formation of Idealcombi Direct Ltd in 2012 was to simplify the process for private customers wanting to purchase Idealcombi windows. Stuart explains how he found the order process ‘The process is straight forward, lead times are normal and the delivery was on time. Importantly, there were no mistakes’.

Our aim at Idealcombi is to always provide a high level of customer service. For this reason, Idealcombi have built strong relationships with architects, contractors and house builders across the UK. Stuart is now planning ahead for his next project ‘I am now building a development of 44 serviced apartments, in which I am hoping to incorporate Idealcombi’s Futura+ window system.’

For more information on Stuarts modular buildings please see this link.

If you would like to speak to Idealcombi’s sales team about our Futura+ window system please contact us on 01582 869010.