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Sound and air pollution are addressed by incorporating mechanical ventilation with NOx filtration and a winter garden for each apartment, creating an environmental buffer for future residents. Both internal and external windows are inward-opening Futura+I with increased acoustic glazing to achieve a peaceful and healthy home.

The exterior of Kindred House is best viewed from the other side of the road, where its singular and monumental presence is emphasized by the zig-zagging flyover in the foreground. The shallow curve of the southern façade follows the geometry of the road, making it the anchor for the building.

Kindred House, a 25-story mixed-use tower in Croydon, UK, has been developed by architecture firm Pitman Tozer on a challenging site once occupied by a car park next to the A232 flyover. The building offers a mix of affordable housing and private homes, with a five-story plinth that includes retail and 930m2 of office spaces, acting as a buffer for the 128 apartments.

This project is not the first time Pitman Tozer has tackled difficult sites near transport infrastructure. They have a track record of creating innovative designs that work with the inherent challenges of the sites, as demonstrated by Gap House and Mint Street. Kindred House is a landmark building in Croydon, standing out among the town’s cluster of tall buildings with its restrained use of terracotta-toned brick and anthracite-colored aluminium.