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Bradbury Works in Dalston, London, has undergone a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into a beloved community asset. The building's original masonry structure has been preserved and then developed a magnificent design, including polycarbonate and mill finishes on the external façade.

Several measures were implemented to enhance the building's environmental performance and minimise carbon emissions. These included optimising energy efficiency to meet demand, procuring materials from low-carbon sources, and prioritising the use of renewable resources whenever feasible.

To further improve the building's environmental performance and reduce carbon emissions, the single-glazed windows were replaced with high quality thermally efficient composite and aluminum windows and doors from Idealcombi. Each floor was carefully considered, taking into account the specific requirements for windows and functionality to make the most of the available space. The modern equal slim sightlines have encompassed a look to keep with minimal designs, providing a visual look to behold.

Client: Hackney Co-operative Developments
Contractors: Vortex Interior
Architect (Y/N) Studio


Futura+ Side hung outward opening and fixed.
Futura+i Tilt and Turn inward opening
Framed IC Glazed entrance doors
Schuco Lobby doors