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Idealcombi’s UK deliveries are collected from our factory on the west coast of Denmark and brought to the UK by our chosen transportation company, DSV, who offer a wide range of delivery vehicles to suit any projects needs.


When your delivery arrives, it is important that you as customer follow the inspection procedures. Your warranty and right to claim compensation for defective products depend on you checking the windows and doors delivered. Check that the delivered products match what we have agreed and mark any discrepancies on the delivery note.

The HIAB driver will unload all elements to a suitable location on the property. If there is not enough space on the property, the driver will unload the elements in the closest suitable location. Please note that it is your responsibility to transport the elements from the unloading location to the property using aids and methods that do not damage them.

On receipt of the goods, the buyer must check that the delivery is in accordance with the agreement and that the elements have no obvious defects or transport damage. Idealcombi’s project coordinator must be informed immediately of any matters not in accordance with the approved order. Labels and cork pads on the glazing should be removed within 1-2 weeks of delivery. Any edge protectors, cover foil and other protective packaging should only be removed when the elements have been installed. 

With outdoor storage, the elements must be placed on joists or pallets to stay free of the ground. The elements must be protected against rain and dirt by means of stable covering. It must be possible to ventilate the elements to reduce the risk of condensation under the covering. Separate windows should be kept under a roof.


When you order windows and doors from Idealcombi, the week of delivery will be noted on your order confirmation. Delivery will usually take place on the Thursday or Friday of the specified week and our transportation company, DSV, will contact you a minimum of 48 hours before delivery, with a specific day and time.

The delivery address will also appear on the order confirmation; so please remember to check that the address is correct when you approve your order.


Delivery of your windows and doors will come through our transport company DSV Transport Ltd, on an HIAB vehicle.

The windows and doors will be packed on pallets and wrapped in plastic, ready for HIAB offload.

If you have any special delivery requirements it is essential you tell us at an early stage so we can look at possible solutions.