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Ever since its inception in 1973 and throughout the years since, Idealcombi has always been at the technological forefront with our cutting-edge Danish manufacturing and the use of our idealcore technology.

We also want to make sure that as a company, Idealcombi is also utilising technology to its fullest within our office and service environment.

Thanks to the improvements in video-communication technology, Idealcombi would like to harness this technology to further improve the customer experience.

Idealcombi’s mission is to make ordering windows for your project as stress-free as possible and we believe that utilising video communication is a great tool to help us achieve that.

Do you really want to see the Idealcombi products in action but cannot make it to our showroom in Milton Keyes? No problem! Idealcombi can arrange a virtual showroom tour using video-call technology to demonstrate the windows and to show you how our products can best suit your project.

Would you prefer to talk to someone face to face about your project and see your project take shape in real time? Then why not book a video consultation with your Project Coordinator?

Idealcombi hopes that this will greatly improve the customer experience and ordering window for your project even easier.

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