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At Idealcombi we want our customers to have as much information as possible before making a decision on their windows and doors. We have put together a varied set of case studies so you can gain more information from projects similar to your own. Apart from the case studies on this page, you can get even more inspiration by browsing our gallery of images with Idealcombi windows.

SUNNYDALE case story


Private home

In  2011 Dean Goodall embarked on the challenge of creating his ‘dream home’.

Dean explains why the project took place: “We wanted to achieve our dream house, lots of light and large open spaces, an individual look which fitted the property. We converted a pretty ugly bungalow into a two storey property, adding a SIPS frame onto the existing structure. We decided early int he planning process that the only way to this properly was to accept a complete replacement of window and doors throughout”.

Dean continues and explains why Idealcombi windows and doors were the right choice for Sunnydale: “We were drawn to Idealcombi initially by the look of the doors and particularly liked the sliding door solution to create a large open space without going down the sliding/folding door route”.

Dean continues on why Idealcombi windows and doors were selected for the project: “We were keen to have the same company make the windows and doors, as they’d be in close proximity and needed to be an exact match. Four companies were initially asked to quote on the project and this was shortlisted down to two. Upon further investigation we just felt we could work better with Idealcombi and thought we would receive a better service and product.”

Dean explains how the project went in terms of the window and door package: “I think we made an excellent choice with Idealcombi. We are both delighted with the results and think the style of the windows and doors suits our property very well. The project coordinator from Idealcombi was a big help pre and post fit. things were well organised and questions/issues quickly resolved”. Finally, we asked Dean whether he would recommend Idealcombi to homeowners: “We already have. The look of the product is modern and wouldn’t suit every project, but it’s an excellent option for those that it does suit. We’ve been nothing but impressed with both the product and the service”.

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Private home

In September 2011 John Gough took the decision to build Clover Cottage.

John explains what he was looking to achieve: “The plan was to replace the old existing dilapidated bungalow and out buildings which had a footprint of 3600 square feet and replace them with the new build of 2850 square feet. The main objective was to achieve a sizeable property which would require minimal outlay in terms of running costs”.

John continues on why Idealcombi windows and doors were chosen for the project: “We chose to use Idealcombi windows and doors further to a visit to their stand at the Grand Desings exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. The one display that caught our eye was the full height entrance screen which we knew would be perfect to the central section of the front elevation of our property”. John continues to explain why Idealcombi was the correct choice for his project. “As we discussed our requirements with our project coordinator at Idealcombi, we realised whatever design or size of window/door/screen we needed, Idealcombi had an answer to the issue. We can only praise Idealcombi for not only careful consideration in the planning/design of the units but also for the delivery timescale and quality of the product being delivered”.

Finally, we asked John whether he would recommend us to other homeowners: “I have a friend who is currently at the design stage of a new build project and since viewing the Idealcombi units we used, he has decided to look into the options of using similar units himself. He was shocked and pleasantly surprised at what good value for money the product is in relation to a similar product he had inquired about. As a building contractor I will certainly be using Idealcombi products in my next new build”.

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Home to go! – Schoolmaster’s Croft

In 2014, Aberdeen born Stuart Duncan set out to build himself an energy efficient home designed to Passivhaus standards in Sussex where he lives and then transport it to his native Aberdeen. Although not a newbie to this kind of adventure, Stuart spent a huge amount of time on research and carefully planned every step of the project, from the drawing phase in Google’s 3D software, SketchUp, to the selection of suppliers.

The reason for choosing Idealcombi’s Futura+ window system was that it is one of the few windows with a 53 mm slim aluminium profile and not as chunky as other window systems and because of the excellent value for money. “I also liked the internal timber finish which is very Scandinavian”, Stuart says.

A very important aspect when private customers choose Idealcombi as their provider is that the order process is very simple and straightforward. Stuart explains that “the process is straightforward, lead times are normal and the delivery was on time and, importantly, there were no mistakes”.

The modular building of the 195 square metre house took place in a pop-up factory in Worthing which Stuart had the good fortune to rent for four months. After completion, all modules were transported by road to their destination in Scotland. Apart from the external roofing, everything – from electrical installations to windows – was prefabricated and assembled in Sussex.

Prefabricated homes in Britain have had a somewhat tainted reputation in the past because of bad choices in materials and finish; however, this could well change going forward as the process of building a house in-house, so to speak, does not depend on the weather.

Stuart, who never really planned to enter the building industry building houses for other people has received a large number of enquiries and is now thinking about developing a series of different house templates for other self-builders to use for similar projects. His next project at hand is the building of a development of 44 serviced apartments, in which Stuart hopes to be able to incorporate Idealcombi’s Futura+ window system.

For more information on Stuarts modular buildings please go to

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MILTON LANE case story

Unique and innovative

Somerset based Orme Architects is an environmental architectural practice specialising in innovative and sustainable design solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. The company’s passion for sustainable design solutions incorporating state of the art technology falls neatly into Idealcombi’s philosophy.

One of Idealcombi’s key values is innovation. We endeavour to stay at the forefront of windows technology and take pride in delivering high-quality design windows for all purposes complying with the highest demands for energy efficiency.

We were very pleased to be chosen to supply windows and doors for the Milton Lane project which won Orme Architecture the award ‘Best Self Build Architect or Designer 2014’.

Milton Lane, a beautiful private home in Somerset, was designed to make the most of the surrounding garden and the outstanding views over the city of Wells and the neighbouring Mendip Hills. All four floors of the house are orientated to thread between the existing trees without shutting out daylight. Maximising solar gain was the main reason Orme Architects chose to opt for Idealcombi’s Futura+ window system. The slim framed Futura+ lets in an impressive amount of light without compromising aesthetics, longevity and functionality. Choosing the Futura+ series helped the building achieve its impressive U-value, which far exceeds building regulations and reflects Passivhaus standards.

Tom Herring, Sales Manager at Idealcombi UK, enthusiastically explains that “Idealcombi and Orme was a match made in Heaven for this project”. The unique setting of the house and the architects’ desire to push the boundaries of the existing technology were a welcome challenge. “There was no doubt in my mind that Futura+ would be the ideal solution for the Milton Lane project”, says Tom, who hopes to be able to supply windows and doors to future Orme Architect projects.

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