Easy for you – difficult for the burglar

There is hardly anything more irritating and disturbing than to come home and find out that your home has been rummaged through and that you have lost your possessions to burglars. Burglars enter through windows and doors, and it is impossible to prevent them completely from entering – if a burglar wants in, he gets in. But it is possible to make it so difficult for him that he gives up.

Free anti-burglary package

Protection is standard in all Idealcombi’s product ranges operated by one handle, where windows and doors have extra strong catches, which particularly protect the elements against burglary.
Below follows a description of the technical details of Idealcombi’s safety catches.


Hook bolts are solidly forged bolts in the handle catch. The hook bolt “hooks on” to the adjustable keep/strike plate when windows and doors are closed and thus forms a very strong and tight entity that makes it difficult to use a crowbar or other tool between the sash and frame on both windows and doors.


On an espagnolette with a mushroom bolt, the espagnoltte has a collar that slides into the strike plate/adjustable keep and keeps the espagnolette in place in he strike plate/adjustable keep. Like the hook bolt, the collar ensures a very tight entity between the sash and frame, which are very resistant to wrenches.


The adjustable keep for windows and terrace doors has been designed particularly for the hook bolts. It is mounted with both front screws and angled screws in the frame, which increases the pullout value of the adjustable keep in connection with wrenches and heavy loads. In addition to the protection provided by the hook bolt and the adjustable keep together to the elements, the adjustable keep can be adjusted to the correct air pressure during the lives of the elements. This ensure optimum tightness between the sash and frame.

As standard, all Idealcombi’s entrance and terrace doors come with a handle lock and three locking points on the handle side. The three-point lock tightens the door and provides better protection against burglary.
Entrance doors come with a lock case and hook bolts at the top and bottom, while terrace doors come with three hook bolts as locking points.
Please note that entrance doors come without handles.


Most people know how burglars prefer to break in – they first remove the glazing bead and then the pane.
Idealcombi has taken the consequence of this and glues the pane onto the sash rebate so it is not directly possible to remove the pane from the element unless you cut the pane free as when a glazier cuts the pane free to replace it.